This series of linked webpages is based on a set of Clinical Supervision Guidelines initially developed for the Victorian Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Sector and later updated to make them equally applicable for Community Managed Mental Health (CMMH) Services in Victoria.

Click here to download a print based copy of the Guidelines.

We have aimed to make the guidelines broad and flexible enough to be useful across all programs and services, while recognising that great diversity exists within, and between the sectors. It is our hope that these guidelines make a substantial contribution to clinical governance policies, which organisations should customise to meet their particular needs.

It is important to stress that the information located on this website is intended as a guide only. There will be no compliance standard required by the Department of Health, although it is hoped that they will form the basis of ongoing clinical supervision policy development. The guidelines are not an attempt to replace or compete with the existing standards and regulations to which workers from these sectors are bound, through their individual professional affiliations or organisational protocols.


Some advice about using the website

This website contains a number of useful ideas for better understanding and effectively providing clinical supervision based on the combined wisdom of therapists at The Bouverie Centre, representatives from the Victorian AOD and CMMH sectors, and the writings of recognised experts on the subject. The information is divided into several sections, all of which are summarised on the home page and can be accessed from there, or on the menu on the right hand side of each subpage. You might like to read through all pages, or just pick one or two that seem interesting or potentially helpful for you. For instance, if Clinical Supervision is a relatively new concept to you, you might like to begin by reading about this process and its benefits in “Definition and Purpose of Clinical Supervision”. Alternatively, you might be preparing to work with a new supervisee and seeking some tips for establishing a trusting and safe relationship. In addition to gaining a refresher on the purposes of clinical supervision on the former page described, we would recommend you scan through “Creating the Context for Effective Supervision” for guidance about contracting.


The content presented on this website and in the print based version of the Clinical Supervision Guidelines was written by Community Services program staff from The Bouverie Centre. It was informed by a range of existing resources and previous work, as well as consultation with a number of workers and managers from the Victorian AOD and CMMH sectors who provided direct input, and oversaw various phases of the project’s development.

The work was funded by The Department of Health, Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division.